We are importers, stockiest and distributors of wall papers, for a number of large companies. And command the majority of the market in Andhra Pradesh. We have an excellent variety of wallpapers with more than 750 catalogues to choose from. Deco Elements is THE place for swanky and classy wallpapers. Vinyl, natural, foil, fiberglass weaves etc. We have it all.
Wooden Flooring
Perfection and elegance blended together for your unique taste!
We offer a plethora of eco-friendly and high quality range of wooden flooring to add beauty and value to your home and office.

BVG Krono: BVG is dedicated to provide stylish and classy products to its clients.

Egger – EGGER laminate flooring features a convincing appearance – exotic decors, rustic look of floorboards, tile, stone and metal reproductions and surfaces perfectly coordinated with the decors.

Parky - PARKY is veneer flooring with a thin top layer of real wood, distinguishing it from laminate floors, which use imitation prints. With PARKY, you actually see and feel real wood.
Plafond Stretch Ceiling
Plafond is one of the India's largest manufacturers of displays and signage. We started to develop high performance knitted Stretch Ceiling which is eye-catchy, customizable and unique.

PLAFOND, has adopted this technology from Europe and today it is the well known for stretch ceiling solutions which has its own fully unified manufacturing facility and skilled and trained sales & installation teams across the state.

Our teams of designers and technicians have affluently accomplished and rendered the services on distinguished stretch ceiling projects in India, with discrete project spaces scaling featuring some of the most originative, innovative and ingenious designs in the realm of stretch ceiling and wall solutions that adorn and enhance all types of public and residential spaces..
Artificial Grass
Ever imagined having grass that is always green, and never needs watering or mowing? Think of lush green grass unaffected by water restrictions, never needing to be fertilized or maintained to keep it looking perfect. Not only does it look like grass, you could touch it and still be unsure whether it is synthetic grass. And it is virtually Maintenance-Free! Deco Elements is proud to introduce artificial grass from Limonta, an answer to your prayers. We are the prime stockists for Limonta.

Limonta artificial grass is like nothing you've ever seen before. It's even been endorsed by FIFA (the governing body of world soccer), and if anybody takes surfaces seriously, it's FIFA. Limonta Sport artificial grass production facilities make use of the latest weaving and finishing processes that allow us to maintain high quality in its finished products.
Decorative Glass Films
Add some spark to your home/office with Decorative Glass Films. Ensuring both durability and stability, Glass Films are a blend of innovation and technology, enhancing ambience and aesthetics while offering the essential privacy required while conducting meetings and discussions. Transparent self-adhesive films decoratively improve all glass and mirror surfaces. There are no limits to your creativity. Sun protection films are a high-tech product which adheres statically, i.e. without glue. These films quickly produce a noticeable reduction in harmful UV and direct heat radiation. So come and indulge in the beauty of glass works and stay protected. These decorative products are available in various colors, patterns and designs to maximize the satisfaction of our customers. Our vendor organizations design these Glass Films as per specifications detailed by our numerous esteemed customers. These products are manufactured using quality durable raw material by various manufacturing companies.
Wall Graphics
Wall graphics can cost-effectively transform your plain painted walls into floor-to-ceiling full-color murals. Our digital printing processes can produce vibrant and highly durable vinyl or commercial wall paper graphics in numerous finishes and textures. With us design possibilities are infinite. You can make your walls colorful, vibrant & lively and add life to them by creating a dream image or concept that can be digitally developed and pasted on your wall. This can be used for the interiors of your house and in creating the desired ambience according to the theme of the décor giving an extra dimension to your interiors. These are widely used for themes of children’s room walls, bed room walls, drawing room walls as well as for the backdrop at your office wall in corporate houses. Bring your imagination to life with delightful wall graphics.
When the first rays of early morning sun come streaming through your window, Roller Blinds come as a complete relief, offering an efficient and elegant way of controlling the amount of light entering your room and also for complete privacy wherever required. Modern fabrics combined with simple functioning have made the Roller Blinds first choice for the upcoming modern interiors.

We offer the complete range like, Roman, Roller, Roll-up and Wooden Venetians shades with basic ball chain, cord pulley blinds, and automatic motorized blinds. Our wide range of Blinds brings an individual and personal touch to any home. Blinds bring elegance and simplicity to your spaces and are hassle-free.